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Dial By Name (Virtual Receptionst Feature for After Hours)

With your dial-by-name directory, which is one component of your virtual PBX, you'll allow callers to simply dial a first or last name to get to the extension they need.  Because the directory is auto-generated, setup is extremely minimum.  This feature can be combined with the Night Re-direct feature so you can publish one telephone number for all of your staff for before, during and after business hours.   This feature is great for businesses that are repeatedly hiring new help and would prefer they don't give out their personal cellular telephone number to clients.

Present a More Professional Phone Presence
Instead of giving callers a manually recorded menu of names and extensions, give them an option to dial a number to hear your dial-by-name directory. A pleasant-sounding auto-attendant will ask callers to dial the first or last name of the person they're seeking, and then will announce the person's name and extension.  Once they reach the person's personal message, they have an option to press 0 for the Follow-Me feature.  The call is immeadiately forwarded to the employee's number of choosing.  Thus if that employee leaves your place of employ, your clients will still be calling your business telephone number and not theirs.