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Live Answer Receptionist Testimonials

Hello Scott,

It is my pleasure to comment on the remarkable service Live Answer Receptionist has provided for our practice.  Your service is nothing short of professional and efficient.  Live Answer understands the needs of their clients and performs based on that superior knowledge.  There have been urgent messages that Live Answer staff went out of their way to make certain they were addressed immediately.  Your staff is attentive to our needs and we are confident our calls are handled in the utmost manner. 

Thank you for all you do to help our practice run smoothly. 
Debra Smetters
Office Manager, South Lake Hospitalist Group

I want to thank you for almost two years of excellent service that Live Answer Receptionist provided for our firm.  I was consistently impressed by the quality of customer service that your receptionists gave to our clients.  They helped our firm convey a professional image and interacted with our clients in a caring and informative fashion.  Given the demands of our particular area of law practice, I think it speaks volumes for your service to be able to handle our clients' calls.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Live Answer Receptionist to anyone who has a temporary or long-term need for a professional, dedicated answering service for their business.  There are other services out there, but in my experience, none can compare to the reliable service Live Answer Receptionist provides. Thank you.
Ryan Hobby
Law Office of Hobby & Hobby

Live Answer Receptionist has been a great product for someone like myself and my company where everyone is home based and could use a service to make their jobs easier and more structured.  Live Answer Receptionist is fantastic and provides a great professional touch for my clients that need to get a hold of me quickly.  I've been using the service now for over two years and I've been extremely happy with it and have been recommending the product to all of my colleagues.
Mike Gustin
Account Manager, The Goal Inc.
Specialized IT Consulting

My company is currently using Scott's Live Answer Receptionist service, and I can vouch that it is of excellent quality. What stands out the most is the fact that Scott cares about seeing your business grow. It is my immense pleasure to recommend Scott and his team.
Peter Strack
Keep Living Life

With only having two employees running a company, its hard to answer every call.  Live Answer made it easy to operate and kept us updated with every missed call and detailed information.
Brian Kelly
Monster Fish USA

FANTASTIC!  Scott and his staff are so wonderful on the phone and I schedule more estimates now using their Calendar function.  I advertise locally, customers call in for an estimate, my receptionist takes down the information and actually schedules the appointment, then their calendar notifies my calendar with all of the details including directions to the client's home.  How great is that?  I highly recommend.
Robert Pape
Budget Blinds

Being a mid-sized company, Live Answer makes it extremely helpful to operate and keep track of missed phone calls and customers with messages and updates.  Live Reception is on KEY and are great with customer service!
Scott Vachon
Office Liquidation Incorporated

Since using Live Answer (approximately two years now), the business has run so much smoother with the telephone answering and messaging assistance of Leslie.  Leslie's telephone demeanor is professional and friendly and she has done a phenomenal job.  Knowing that the business telephones are being answered with a friendly voice and by someone who can funnel calls appropriately, has given me much needed time to focus on the design and production aspects of the business.  Leslie has become an important asset to the success of my business.
Matt Crane
Mathew's Design

My business depends on the phone ringing with new clients needing powerwashing.  I was spending money on advertising to make the telephone ring but I was usually working on a job and couldn't answer the calls most of the time.  Now I never miss a call during business hours and my receptionist at Live Answer even schedules my appointments for me.  I don't know what I would do without them.
Tommy McCollum
Wash for Wishes

I have been using Live Answer Receptionist for the past 3 months, and have already come to love and count on the excellent service.  I have already seen the benefits of having a "real person" pick up my clients telephone calls.  This is a service that I look to always include in my business.
John Clark
TLC Critter Sitters

We are a real estate investment group that relies heavily on our telephone calls.  It is so nice to know that our telephone gets answered by a very polite and professional receptionist.  Live Answer is great about screening our calls and even connecting the important ones right over to us no matter where we are.  Thank you for a job well done.
Gene Eckles
ECK Financial & Investment Group

I am on the road all day, every day.  I am rarely able to ever answer calls from my clients and they use to just have to leave a message on my voicemail.  Now with Live Answer, my receptionist answers my telephone calls with a friendly voice.  She takes accurate messages and delivers the message by text right to my cellphone.  I don't have to listed to a bunch of voicemails any more and can prioritize who gets a return phone call first.  I highly recommend Live Answer Receptionist.
Todd Cox
AXA Equitable Annuities

What can I say?  Live Answer Receptionist was recommended to me and I am glad I checked into it.  I am usually in face to face meetings and usually turn my phone off during the meeting. I was always missing telephone calls and it was hurting my business.  Now, I get all my messages typed up for me and my company's image is much improved with a live person to answer the phone.
Rob Schlegel
AIG Sun America

Thank you so much Scott and the staff at Live Answer Receptionist.  Your service has been invaluable to our growing company.  It has been a pleasure referring your services to my clients as well.  It makes me look good when you do a great job.  Thank you so, so much.
Laquita Jackson
Winter Haven, FL

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