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Being a mid-sized company, Live Answer makes it extremely helpful to operate and keep track of missed phone calls and customers with messages and updates.  Live Reception is on KEY and are great with customer service!

Scott Vachon
Office Liquidation Incorporated

I have been using Live Answer Receptionist for the past 3 months, and have already come to love and count on the excellent service.  I have already seen the benefits of having a "real person" pick up my clients telephone calls.  This is a service that I look to always include in my business.

John Clark
TLC Critter Sitters

I am on the road all day, every day.  I am rarely able to ever answer calls from my clients and they use to just have to leave a message on my voicemail.  Now with Live Answer, my receptionist answers my telephone calls with a friendly voice.  She takes accurate messages and delivers the message by text right to my cellphone.  I don't have to listed to a bunch of voicemails any more and can prioritize who gets a return phone call first.  I highly recommend Live Answer Receptionist.

Todd Cox
AXA Equitable Annuities
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